We are very good with budgeting, and are proud that none of our projects have ever gone beyond budget. We plan carefully, and take worst-case scenarios into consideration.


Research and Recce are our strong points. We enjoy being challenged to find case studies, protagonists and stories.


We have crewed up for shows of all sizes – going from a 1 fixer shoot support, to putting together teams with upto 25 Indian crew members.

Location Scouts/ Recces

We’ve undertaken extensive location scouts for our clients in the past to find the perfect location for filming.
India has 29 states; we have filmed in 22 of them. We’re waiting for opportunities to film in the remaining 7!


We’ve procured some of the toughest permits to film in India in the past. These include permits to film at protected monuments, biological parks, railways, airports and infrastructure projects.


Imagine buying 3 trucks for a production. Or managing 70 camels on location, along with their handlers.

Getting police protection for the filming team because the location is known for insurgency.

Finding a young man who gets a weight loss surgery.

Or dealing with an unscrupulous manager of talent, who withdraws permission to film after the arrival of the filming team.

Each of our projects has thrown up unexpected challenges, and we’ve dealt with them all. We’re now looking for some new seemingly impossible tasks!