A Drop of Sunshine

One of Mixed Media Productions’ first independent films, ‘A Drop of Sunshine’ went on to be selected in a number of festivals, and won multiple awards, including the 59th National Film Award (Rajat Kamal) for Best Educational Film in 2012. The film takes a contrarian stance on Schizophrenia, believed to be incurable. It went on to be used widely across the world to initiate discussions on alternate ways to look at mental health. Reshma Valliappan, the protagonist, is now a well known, and much feted mental health advocate. 

Research & Recce, Line Production, Content Development
Year of Production:
Aparna Sanyal (Director), Pooja Iyengar (Editor), Yasir Abbasi (DoP), Basit Jamal (DoP, Abstract Sequences), Manas Baruah (Music), Pratik Biswas (Sound Design), Swapnil Gaikwad (GFX), Prashansa Gurung (Asst), Srija Barua (Research), Vicky Mathur (Line Producer), Ravi (Accountant)