The Second Buddha

In the seventh century, lived a great tantric master in the Indian sub-continent. What made him unforgettable was a trip he undertook across the Himalayas, to the land of Tibet – in doing so, Guru Padmasambhava became the ‘second Buddha’, as his teachings became the basis for Buddhism taking firm roots in the land of snows. ‘The Second Buddha’ is a film that looks at his life, stories around him and the connection between him and the Palpung Monastery, which celebrates his life and teachings in a very special way even today.

Research & Recce, Line Production, Content Development
Year of Production:
Aparna Sanyal (Director), Pooja Iyengar (Editor), Basit Jamal (DoP), Ralph Fernandes (2nd DoP), Vicky Mathur (Line Producer), Swapnil Gaikwad (Art & Animation)