Shovana Narayan is one of India’s best-known classical dancers who is an expert in the Indian dance form of ‘Kathak’. But ‘Shovana’ is not a biography. It tries, instead, to capture a vignette of an artist’s process. It looks at the inner workings of a dancer, and the methods she uses to bring her work to fruition. It looks, quietly, at her and through it, attempts to make sense of her many influences, interests and passions – all of which come together in her art. And it looks at what that has meant to the people around her.

Research & Recce, Line Production, Content Development, Permits
Year of Production:
Aparna Sanyal (Director), Pooja Iyengar (Editor), Basit Jamal (DoP), Manas Baruah (Music), Anand (Animation), Vicky Mathur (Line Producer), Ramsha Alam (Assistant), Sachin Sharma (Accounts)