The Monks who won the Grammy

The monks of the Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat won a Grammy in 2003. But this is not just their story. 

Magic, myths, history and philosophy come together with the Palpung Sherabling monastery as the backdrop, as the film travels through time and stories to look at the origins of Vajrayana Buddhism, its connections with Tantrism and the Tai Situpa, one of the most revered teachers of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Research & Recce, Line Production, Content Development
Year of Production:
Aparna Sanyal (Director), Pooja Iyengar (Editor), Basit Jamal (DoP), Ralph Fernandes (2nd DoP), Manas Baruah (Music & Sound Design), Vicky Mathur (Line Producer), Ramsha Alam (Assistant), Sachin (Accounts)