Shooting for Documentaries and TV shows in India can seem like a daunting challenge. We can help answer some questions you may have.

Mixed Media Productions is a decade old production house in India with two primary verticals – line production services, and content creation.

Our past experience with filming in India

We’ve bought trucks. Found a boy looking to undergo a weight loss surgery. Filmed at the Taj Mahal. Hired 70 camels, and organised their stay. Organised cooking for the crew on earthern stoves in a village. Arranged police escort while filming in an insurgency afflicted area. Found a death hotel. No demand is crazy enough. We enjoy making your content come to life.

What makes us different when it comes to filming?

We are quick to understand content requirements of our international fixing clients because of our work as content creators for Indian clients. Check out some of our work here: www.thecarbonunion.com